Portuguese team go to Romania Meeting

Between 9th and 15th January 2022, 5 students from ETAP Viana do Castelo, from the courses of Multimedia, Graphic Arts and Technician in Management and Programming of Computer Systems, accompanied by 2 teachers, made a trip to Romania in the scope of the ERASMUS.TV INTERNATIONAL programme.

This programme provides interaction between schools from 6 different countries: Spain, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Italy and Portugal. During this week, we had the opportunity to do different activities such as cultural games and visits to touristic places: such as the Salt Mine, Dracula’s Castle, the city of Brasov, Onesti (where we stayed) and the capital, Bucharest.

From this meeting resulted the recording of a short film “Following Dracula’s Steps”, which will soon be available on social networks!
In these 7 days we were able to improve our English, meet new cultures, new customs, make new friends and try new things.

An unforgettable week!